Emily Snell (b. 1985) is a British artist and qualified art psychotherapist based in Bristol (UK). 

My work explores the boundaries between my body and my art. I am seeking the place at which one ends and the other begins. In my sculptural and tactile works, I use materials such as silicone evoking the body, skin and touch. As a trained art psychotherapist, part of my process involves channelling emotions freely through the materials, the resulting installations engaging viewers in powerful and evocative ways.

Recent exhibitions include ‘HOUSE’ residency (2021) and ‘Press Play’ at Kosar Contemporary curated by Natasha MacVoy (2020). As well as an upcoming group exhibition ‘Drawing Boundaries’ at Gerald Moore Gallery, London opening in July 2022.


2013-16  MA Art Psychotherapy, Goldsmiths University of London, London UK

2005-08   BA (Hons) Sculpture, Edinburgh College of Art, Edinburgh UK

2004-05  Foundation Art & Design, Falmouth College of Arts, Falmouth UK

A short film about my practice by David Mathias